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Why Los Santos

North America Logistics Hub


Key Inland port for the west coast ports of Los Angeles/Long Beach via Union Pacific’s Sunset Route Speedway; Strategic easternmost land crossing between the United States and Mexico; Dona Ana County International Jetport; Domenici Highway linking the Santa Teresa port-of-entry to Interstate-10.

  • Growth corridor for the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez/Las Cruces Borderplex region, the largest metro area on the US/Mexico border. Ciudad Juarez is Mexico’s largest production sharing center with over 280,000 employees in 329 plants.
  • Fastest truck border crossing times in the Borderplex
  • Overweight/Oversized Port of Entry, Overweight Zone advantage
  • Shortline Railroad/transload facilities
  • Competitive business climate. NM has a number of incentives to jump-start business.
  • Significant Utility Infrastructure Systems in place on both sides of the Border: electric, gas, fiber, water, wastewater

The Largest Privately-Owned Landmass in North America


Located adjacent to a major metropolitan area (70,000+acres) creating an unparalleled opportunity for large-scale master-planned development on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border