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About Los Santos

Los Santos is a first-of-its-kind binational, master-planned community, located on the border of New Mexico, U.S.A. and Chihuahua, Mexico. The four major partners in this project are Paseo del Norte, Ltd. Partnership, and IDI Gazely on the U.S. side which controls approximately 22,000 acres; and San Jeronimo Services and Indesa, which control approximately 50,000 acres on the Mexican side of the border.

Los Santos is the model of cross-border development incorporating the largest inland port including coordinated sustainable master plans, foreign trade zones, industrial efficiencies, a secured border region, quality residential living, joint health care and education programs all centered around the Santa Teresa/San Jeronimo Port of Entry, on the New Mexico-Chihuahua border.  This binational community encompasses more than 70,000 acres, combining truck, rail and air services to destinations worldwide creating a globally competitive industrial and logistics platform.

The Mission

Los Santo’s mission is to develop a world-class, cross-border community that is recognized globally as a superior manufacturing/logistics base and for the quality of life for its citizens.

The Vision

To create the most competitive Smart Binational Community in the world.

Los Santos’ Competitive Advantages Stem From:

  • Equidistance to the seaports of Long Beach and Houston, and integrated into the Northern Economic Corridor in Mexico connected to the Pacific seaports by both rail and highway
  • More than 70,000 acres of master-planned land for industrial, commercial and residential development, including 2,000+ acres of rail-served industrial land
  • Foreign Trade Zone (U.S.) adjacent to Recinto Fiscalizado Estratégico (Mexico) on border
  • Efficient border crossing that handles commercial oversize and overweight loads
  • Easternmost land crossing on the US-Mexico border
  • Inland port with full intermodal capabilities planned on both sides of the border
  • Juarez railroad bypass project
  • Dona Ana County Airport runway expansion to serve cargo – currently a preferred airport for executives
  • One of three proposed pilot program for Dual Customs Clearance facility between the US and Mexico
  • Common industrial clusters
  • The central corridor of the NAFTA region


  • Commitment from both governors to economic development through cross-border cooperation

  • Creation of a world-class industrial zone and a globally recognized and competitive community

  • Model of sustainable development

  • Increase the work skills of the local employment base

  • Ability to recruit large OEM’s that locate operations on both sides of the border

  • The tax base will be increased

  • The attraction of local and foreign investment

  • Creation of thousands of jobs

  • Economic prosperity for the region – ability to raise per capita income

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